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What is Agenda 2030?

Agenda 2030 is a reference to an action plan created by foreign entities. This action plan is also referred to in other ways. It is also known as:

- Globalism

- The Fourth Industrial Revolution

- The New World Order

- The Great Reset

- Agenda 21

The following article, Beginner's Guide To Understanding "The Great Reset," effectively explains Agenda 2030. This article comes from an outside source.

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding “The Great Reset”

The Great Reset went from a fringe discussion to mainstream news in just a matter of weeks.

The plan, which has been around for years, was previously dismissed by the masses as a conspiracy theory. Too wild and crazy to possibly be true. This reset was nothing more than a bad sci-fi movie plot, it couldn’t possibly happen in real life. Suddenly though, it’s not so easy to brush off the topic. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other Canadian politicians are openly talking about the reset, as is the Royal family and plenty of other influential people around the world. It’s all out in public view.

So, what is The Great Reset? Simply put, it’s a massive restructuring of our society and life as we currently know it. I’ve put together a quick, easy-to-digest breakdown so beginners can begin to grasp what’s happening around them. I’ll follow up with more detailed content on the various aspects of the plan in the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter ( so you don’t miss out.

1) What’s in a Name?


This is one of the most easy ways to get thrown off when starting your research. The Great Reset is commonly known and referenced by a number of names. Agenda 21; Agenda 2030; Globalism; New World Order; or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. You might hear the reset referenced by any of these names. At the end of the day, the goals are all the same.


2) Who’s calling the shots?


The rich and powerful that make up the world’s elite is the easy answer. There are a few debates about who exactly is at the top of the pyramid. The British Monarchs and big banking dynasties are cornerstones with the Rothchild and Rockefeller families among the most famous names at the top of the banking list.

These rich and powerful families call the shots through their Think Tank groups that influence so many of the policies our governments follow. The United Nations & W.H.O., Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, and the Bilderberg Group to name a few.

These groups shape so many of the policies for our governments despite the fact they were never elected, making it easy to see who is in charge and why our local governments so often make decisions that don’t benefit the people they were elected to represent.

3) The Main Goal: The New World Order

The main goal of the Great Reset is the abolishment of nations and creation of a one-world government, aka: New World Order. George H.W. Bush referenced the New World Order multiple times. Joe Biden says there is a task to create a “New World Order”. The creation of a one-world government isn’t that outrageous if you notice that they’ve been incrementally pushing forward with this plan for years.


Disguised under trade deals like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the European Union for regional economic trade. Using the United Nations for global influence and dictating policies of nations… and plenty more. Just look at how large the United Nations has become.

The UN is on the brink of becoming a world government. They’ve got all the pieces in place, they just need the Western Nations to collapse. And they’ve been working with China to subvert Canada, the USA, UK and the West for years. Now, compare the UN goals with policies the Trudeau government keeps bringing in: gun bans, carbon taxes, war on fossil fuels, mass immigration. It’s all United Nations’ goals.

Everyone who says Trudeau is an idiot because his policies are hurting Canada needs to understand his priority is not Canada. His loyalty lies with the United Nations and UN Agenda 2030 – aka The Great Reset. He says it himself and even admitted it during his recent carbon tax hike.

4) Restructuring of Society

A complete restructuring of society under the New World Order is inevitable if they are able to fully achieve their one-world government. The most concerning plan is the depopulation agenda, which coincidentally appears to coincide with vaccines. For those that haven’t been paying attention, the vaccine czar Bill Gates is constantly preaching vaccines. At the same time as he’s preaching, he claims he’s doing a good job of vaccinating the public and can lower world population.

Bill Gates openly promoted population control. He said, “The population is rising to about 9 billion people & if we do a really great job using new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we could lower that number by perhaps 10-15%.” This should easily make you wonder about the rushed COVID-19 “vaccine” that Gates has been pushing and heed warnings of doctors advising it could potentially cause infertility issues in females.

Other NWO priorities include: elimination of private property and single-dwelling households, creation of smart, mega cities with surveillance systems powered by 5G, a cashless currency, Chinese style social credit scores, complete control of rural lands and livestock, end of fossil fuels, universal basic income and more.

If you look at that list it’s easy to see that the war on fossil fuels has been on-going for some time. The cashless society and universal basic income have become a priority over the past year, while 5G systems have been going up while everyone has been stuck at home. Surveillance systems and the social credit score model in China will be rolled out across the globe, while the big changes will come down the line. They know we adapt to incremental changes in our lifestyle but would reject a full onslaught overnight.

5) The Push Back

The good news is that resistance is forming to The Great Reset as awareness builds. While you were busy running your kids to the rink or binge-watching TV, the UN and other front groups operated in the shadows. The world is waking up to the global agenda and citizens are protesting – pretty much everywhere but Canada. However, more and more Canadians are fed up with Trudeau and his un-Canadian agenda every day. But many are still sleeping and don’t realize the end goal of his decision-making. It’s on you to share this information and spread the word, so we can get more people caring about the future of Canada.

By Ryan Craswell
Originally published in

Subsequently published in Druthers


Why should I reject Agenda 2030?

Once you have a full comprehension of all of the implications of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), you will understand why it is necessary to reject Agenda 2030 and the initiatives associated with it.


One of the challenges these days in gaining a greater understanding of any topic is that our search engines online are now guiding us to certain sites and not allowing us to access other sites. It can be a real challenge to acquire the information you are looking for. We invite you to come back to this page often as we will be updating it regularly with new information.

The article below is another well-written one borrowed from Druthers. This article is entitled "Metaverse & Sustainable Development Goals - What Does it Really Mean?"


agenda 2030 goals.jpg

Metaverse & Sustainable Development Goals

- What Does It Really Mean?

The United Nations and World Economic Forum are pushing the Great Reset very hard onto our children around the world and sponsoring them with cash and prizes to build the Metaverse (aka Web 3.0, Spatial Web).


Our children are showered with flowery words and promises but have no idea that they are building their own prison system that stands to lock them in for a thousand years while being transformed into genetically modified humans and digital shadows of themselves.

In this competition, the goal is to simulate how each of the 17 draconian Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN are to better their lives. This is the carrot on the stick. Just in case you’ve not read what the 17 SDGs are, here is a recap:


“Poverty alleviation and social protection”


UN Solutions: • AI-enabled digital footprint for credit/mobile money access (AI refers to Artificial Intelligence) • Blockchain digital identity solutions to enable economic identities, incl. for refugees


What it really means: • Everyone will receive UBI income along with a fixed amount of carbon credits. • AI will analyze a person’s social credit rating through his or her digital footprint (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). • Collect information about individuals through blockchain technology to monitor and measure their background, skills, bad habits and behaviors. • The same system is used in China, which began as Zhima Credits developed by Ant Financial to assess customer credit-worthiness. Ant Financial (formerly Alipay) is Alibaba’s finance company. Alibaba is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum and its founder Jack Ma is part of the WEF Board of Trustees). • In a circular economy, resources will be rationed.


“Access to food, improved nutrition and food-production security”


UN Solutions: • Low-cost, low-GHG emissions synthetic proteins. • AI, sensors and blockchain to eliminate spoilage/loss in food value chain, including smart food storage


What it really means: • Replace even more real food with synthetic lab grown edibles. • Produce cheap GMO food for consumption. • Insects will become part of the daily staple for protein input. • Use technology to monitor all processes that handle food, ideally resulting in zero waste. This includes monitoring sensors inside waste bins, storage units and refrigerators that report your consumption habits to a blockchain.


“Advancing global health for all ages, and healthcare services”


UN Solutions: • Smart homecare, smart wearables and virtual healthcare assistants • Monitoring and predicting health metrics and disease, including smart implants and wearables.


What it really means: • Get diagnosed by a tele-medicine AI doctor and have your body monitored via implanted biometric sensors. • Corporations will assign you biometric sensors and AI fitness coaches to monitor and modify your “well-being” for productivity. • Your medical history records will be tied to and on a blockchain via an ID Passport.


“Inclusive access to education, quality of education and learning facilities”


UN Solutions: • AI-driven assessments to enable the delivery of continuous feedback • AI-designed digital curriculums, teaching plans and content across devices


What it really means: • Upskilling and reskilling for a new life-long learning gig economy. • Leave the learning to an AI machine. The AI never gets tired and will nag/nudge you until you give up or your behavior is modified. • Education will be a remote online life-long training in STEM, and accredited with blockchain-based micro-badges and credentials. • You’ll be able to level-up in the new system based on your social reputation score. • Never mind that kids will no longer need to study music, food production, cooking, building, crafts, repairing, mending, healing, etc. Self-sustenance will be delegated to synthetics and AI. • A child’s career path will be determined from the outset and guided by AI biometrically.


“Facilitating gender equality, protecting and empowering women and girls”


UN Solutions: • AI-enabled real-time gender data analytics • AI to identify unbiased selection to support inclusivity


What it really means: • Gender identity is ignored. Replace human intelligence with an AI to avoid incorrect judgments. • Analyze data to identify and correct unbalanced gender representations. • Teach women/girls to have less/no kids (for population reduction purposes) and get them out into the gig workforce working on STEM related projects. • Teach youngsters to abandon their gender identity and take on transhuman generic sexual identity for better infusion into the gender-blind metaverse.


“Access to and sustainable management of water, and water sanitation”


UN Solutions: • AI-enhanced scenario modelling for water infrastructure risks and performance • Smart water-infrastructure predictive maintenance


What it really means: • Monitor all water systems and ration out according to GHG (green house gas) emissions (due to GHG/ carbon footprint during production and transport of water) and carbon credit allowance.


“Adopting sustainable energy, and energy-system optimization”


UN Solutions: • 4IR-enabled decentralized and coordinated energy-grid management, incl. IoT, AI • Smart infrastructure for operational efficiency and maintenance


What it really means: • Monitor all energy systems in homes and corporate buildings in real time • Replace all combustible vehicles with electric, making it illegal to have outdated gas-powered cars. • Require older trucks to upgrade to their engines or buy electric vehicles. • Expect to see your electricity turned off if carbon allowance max is surpassed. • Expect to see towns, cities and states institute brownouts and blackouts in order to meet regional carbon offset quotas. • Expect less cars on the road and more scooters and bicycles instead. • Expect to see fuel become prohibitively expensive and scarce.


“Sustained and inclusive job creation and productivity, and improving workers’ rights”


UN Solutions: • Robotics for process automation for increased productivity. • AI-enabled digital support hubs for workers.


What it really means: • Replace workers with robots and AI. • Move people, hooked into their VR/AR/XR headsets, into the metaverse, where the future work domain will mostly reside. • Use AI to guide the remaining workforce with corporate rights, rules and regulations only. • As regions are sold off by the state to corporations and become privately owned, expect to become a “citizen” of corporations living and working under corporate rules with corporate “workers’ rights”.


“Building inclusive, resilient and sustainable infrastructure and industry”


UN Solutions: • IoT-enabled tracking and optimization of industrial machinery • Robotics for manufacturing and construction process automation


What it really means: • Create smart cities, industry and infrastructure fully automated for production with robots and AI, while monitoring all processes and people, and making people more and more irrelevant.


“Facilitating equality and international collaboration”


UN Solutions: • AI-enabled digital footprint for mobile money access • Next-gen demographics data analytics


What it really means: • Analyze data to identify and correct unwanted differences between countries and regions. • Bring developed nations down to near poverty, while raising developing nations up to slightly above poverty. • Using blockchain, AI and social-carbon ratings, setup short-term gig jobs in a race to the bottom economy.


“Building smart, inclusive, safe and resilient urban systems”


UN Solutions: • “Sensor-based grid and AI-based urban network management (pollution, waste, water, energy)” • “Next-gen satellite, drone and IoT land-use detection and management”


What it really means: • Develop Smart Cities with real-time monitoring using AI, drones and satellites using 24-hour surveillance cameras with facial recognition, biometric sensors and self-driving cars. • Less privately owned cars on the road. • Everything connected via wireless 5G and 6G IoT and IoB.



“Supply-chain optimization and sustainable consumption patterns”


UN Solutions: • “AI- and IoT-enabled consumption and production data analytics” • “AI-optimized logistics and distribution networks to minimize costs, emissions and waste”


What it really means: • Monitor and analyze everyone’s consumption habits in order to lower each person’s carbon footprint. • Food and water is rationed based on carbon-allowance and social credit scores. • More consumption of fake lab-grown meat, bugs and GMO food. • Trash bins fitted with sensors monitoring waste and punishing those that throw away food. • Toilet bowls monitoring and measuring contents of excrement.



“Combating climate change and its impacts”


UN Solutions: • “Earth management big data platform e.g. monitoring carbon emissions” • “Smart and transparent land-use management”


What it really means: • Build a global panopticon for monitoring all natural life and life processes on earth using satellites, cameras, IoT sensors and devices, robots and AI. • “Investors” buy up all public/private property, land and homes. • Sequester earth’s CO2/GHG (Green House Gas) and store it for carbon-credit sales and market exchanges. • A circular sharing economy is created • Creating “biodiversity” by genetically modifying all life forms DNA for biodiversity resilience. • Carbon and life-processes becomes the new global currency. • With the manufactured threat of climate disaster looming always, almost everything will be blamed on “climate change” and thus keep draconian measures in place in perpetuity.



“Conserving and managing the use of marine habitats and resources”


UN Solutions: • “Habitat monitoring and analytics (e.g. monitoring pH and pollution)” • “AI-enabled data platforms to monitor and manage fishing activity and compliance”


What it really means: • Monitor and restrict access to the open seas, lakes and rivers with sensors and satellites and penalize those found guilty of illegal activities. • Feed the population genetically modified farmbred and lab grown fish instead.


“Protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems”


UN Solutions: • “Real-time habitat and land-use mapping, monitoring and detection of illegal or adverse activities” • “4IR-enabled wildlife tracking, monitoring, analytics and pattern forecasting and real-time detection, e.g. disease, animal capture”


What it really means: • Monitor all forests and penalize those found guilty of illegal activities. • Restrict travel of the population in natural land habitats. • Use satellites, drones, robots, IoT sensors and AI to monitor all tokenized assets in natural forests. • Remove humans from natural land habitats and into smart cities.


“Promoting peaceful society, building effective institutions”


UN Solutions: • “AI-enabled identity tax fraud identification (using browsing data, retail data and payments history)” • “Blockchain-enabled citizen loyalty and reward platforms”


What it really means: • Every person on the planet will have a digital ID passport in combination with various biometrics data on a blockchain. • Social-Carbon Credits will be used to create obedience to authorities and punish unwanted behavior. If you comply, you’ll receive rewards. If you do not, you’ll be penalized, punished or cutoff from society. • Track and trace everyone using real-time geo-location data and 5G connected cameras. • Everyone will be subject to geo-fencing for control of movement and travel. Those that do not comply will be restricted to quarters or have all “benefits” on the blockchain turned off. • In a tokenized society, where all of earth has been tokenized, where UBI is tokenized, cash is gone, 24/7 surveillance of activities is present, and everyone is monitored on an AI-powered blockchain, everyone will pay taxes on every transaction in real time. There will be no exceptions (unless you’re a billionaire).



“Building sustainable global partnerships”


This last goal is not included in WEF’s table of 4IR solutions, but both the UN and the Group of 20 (G20) are being strengthened at a rapid pace and the 4IR solutions for each goal that was introduced before the 2019 G20 Summit are strikingly similar. • In addition, a number of technologies are listed that are in a development phase which could potentially be used to meet the goals. Here we find, among other things: • Genetic rescue and genome modification for endangered and extinct species and resilience (meaning GMO). • Low-cost, low-GHG emissions synthetic proteins (AI and synthetic biology) for lab food. • Decoding well-being and longevity using AI and sensors for personalized health maps and sequenced genomes and phenotypic data. • Gene editing (CRISPR) to tackle “human diseases” driven by gene mutation. …and much more. All tech “solutions” that can and will be used for good and bad usage (weaponized) to control humans further while enriching the controlling “investors”.

By Bantam Joe

Published in the July 2022 issue of Druthers

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