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Benita Pedersen of cares deeply about the economic, social, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of people. In February of 2021, she became an advocate expressing concerns about government policies and exploring potential solutions. She is exceptionally motivated because many policies are hurting people rather than helping them.

Through a variety of events and initiatives, Benita energizes, inspires, and guides others in effectively pushing back against poor policies.

With regards to policies that hurt people, the most concerning policies are those associated with Agenda 2030.

Benita Pedersen of

What is Agenda 2030?

Agenda 2030 is an action plan created by foreign entities that do not have the best interests of Canadians at heart. The fact that this foreign-designed plan is influencing Canadian law at all levels of government is inappropriate and extremely concerning.

The Agenda 2030 guidelines affect all aspects of Canadian living including:

- how people live,

- how people work,

- how people eat,

- how people engage with healthcare,

- how people travel,

- how people shop,

- how people spend their personal time,

- how people engage in the education system,

- how much everything costs and even

- how people die.

It is in the best interests of all Canadians to fully understand the implications of Agenda 2030 and to take action in response.

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Why should I reject Agenda 2030?

There are many concerning aspects of Agenda 2030. The most concerning are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within these goals, there is a significant emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used to enforce the Agenda 2030 plan.

The rules featured in the Agenda 2030 plan are unnecessarily constricting upon the lives of Canadians. Additionally, the fact that the government proposes to enforce these unreasonable rules by using increased surveillance is a violation of privacy.

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How do I reject Agenda 2030?

The number one way to reject this agenda is through peaceful noncompliance. That means when you notice an attempt to violate your rights, you refuse to comply. It is possible to do this politely yet firmly. It is also possible to do this with humor.

One of the things that is important to remember is that just because you disagree with a policy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have to be excessively disagreeable with the individual involved in attempting to impose the unreasonable policy. There are ways to push back and yet also be pleasant at the same time, rather than unpleasant. It is possible to disagree with grace. The key is knowing exactly what to say and how to say it.

To learn more, sign up for our “Pushing Back Effectively” newsletter below. Once per week on Monday mornings you will be given suggestions on ways you can make a positive difference towards pushing back against poor policies and encouraging a return to reasonable policies.


Benita Pedersen is supporting so many initiatives and projects right now that she decided to create a newsletter about some of them.
Join the Movement

Sign the petition in opposition to the rainbow crosswalk in Westlock

"Pushing Back Effectively"

If you would like to support Benita in her good work, you can send an e-transfer to:

If you would like to start and/or support initiatives that pushback against poor policies and encourage good policy development such as rallies, petitions, streetside protests, a letter-writing campaign, and more reach out to Benita directly and let her know what you would like to do. It also helps if you text your name, municipality, and postal code to: 1-780-349-0181.

Benita looks forward to hearing from you!

To those who have expressed support, Thank you!

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