Benita Pedersen is an advocate for freedom.

She is unafraid to speak up for the protection and restoration of freedoms and rights. Since February 4, 2021, she has demonstrated incredible courage and boldness in organizing, promoting, orchestrating, and supporting freedom events and other freedom activities.

This page is predominantly about her work as an activist. This page also provides links to resources and information that you might find useful.



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Be Sure to check out Canada Unity's Website for all the information about the Trucker's Freedom Convoy at BearHug - (

Coming events:

There are so many terrific freedom events coming up!


This Saturday, February 26 there are freedom events in Athabasca as well as Edmonton.


On Saturday, March 5, there are freedom events in Slave Lake, along Highway 1, and along other highways as well.


The team at is actively involved in the Athabasca and Slave Lake events. If it is on heart to assist with these events in any way, reach out and send us a message and let us know the possible ways you could assist.


Love and Light,

Benita Pedersen

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This website is for all men and women who support the protection and restoration of rights and freedoms.


​ This website is for those who are opposed to or uncomfortable with the current restrictions that our governments and other entities are attempting to impose upon us.


This website is for those who are against coerced, mandated, and forced Vs. This website is also for those who oppose the concept of a health pass and/or V passport.


We believe that it’s time to take action against tyranny. There are many ways you can help the freedom movement: share information, distribute newsletters, attend events, organize events, carry signs, put signage on your vehicles, and more. If you wish, you can sign up as a member on this website and offer yourself as a volunteer and offer some ways you can assist with the freedom movement. Also, if you wish, you can sign up to receive our notices and updates about events and other things. Additionally, be sure to explore the resources available on the website. You may find something that will help you or someone you know.

The team at All Fired Up For Freedom is very pleased to support the work of other freedom groups across Canada. You will find within our pages some references to activities other groups are involved. We believe that it takes ALL of us, not just one person or one group to make the positive change. It takes all freedom groups across Canada working together to make the positive change we are after. If you ever come across someone who is trying to steer you away from other freedom fighters, use careful judgment. It may very well be that that person is truly trying to protect you. However, it may also be that that person is attempting to deliberately create divides within the freedom movement and therefore weaken us. Use your best judgment and your instinct in these moments.

And remember, we are stronger together. Especially when we are ALL FIRED UP FOR FREEDOM!

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