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Katch Kan

Katch Kan™ is the global leader in reducing the environmental footprint and improving safety in the oil and gas drilling industry.

Katch Kan

Katch Kan®

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To provide sustainable Well Life Cycle Solutions™ to the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

About us:

Katch Kan is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of safety solutions and spill containment systems. Katch Kan emerged in 1994 in response to the environmental challenges in the energy sector, it’s Rig Safety System (RSS™) and Zero Spill System (ZSS™) assist sustainable development by protecting and preserving the land, water, and personnel in the oil and gas industry. Katch Kan is a global leader in reducing environmental footprint and operational safety in the oil and gas drilling industry with a 90% presence in the Canadian Market and this innovative technology has been adopted in over 60 countries worldwide.

Our products:

Katch Kan systems work for Land Drilling, Off-Shore Drilling, Well Servicing/Workover, and Well Head Applications.

When used together, the Rig Safety System™ and Zero Spill System™ increase personnel safety, capture lost drilling fluid, and redirect the lost fluids for recycling or reuse. The systems provide drilling fluids cost savings and a cleaner, safer, and more efficient operation while the well is active. By reducing the environmental impact, the systems lessen liabilities and costs associated with the cleanup, remediation, and reclamation phases.

Our services:

Katch Kan provides personalized installation services, rig audits, and rentals, including custom solutions to suit specific needs and business objectives. From custom product sizes to custom solutions for varying oilfield stack configurations and new product developments and trials, our certified customer service representatives are ready to provide service and support 24/7.

Awards and recognition:

Katch KanTM is an OEM with the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, COR (Certificate of Recognition), and ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) (Canadian Environmental Technology Verification).


  • 2019 Going Global Award - Socially Responsible Export of the Year, Recipient

  • 2015 Alberta Export Award, Recipient

  • 2015 Oil & Gas Award Canada – Industry Leader, Recipient

  • 2015 Oil & Gas Award Canada – Oilfield Services Company of the Year, Recipient

  • 2015 Oil & Gas Award Gulf Coast - Excellence in Health & Safety, Recipient

  • 2015 Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West (CETAC-West) Clean Technology Innovation Award, Recipient

  • 2015 Manning Awards Innovation, Candidate

  • 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Energy Services Award, Recipient

  • 2014 Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West (CETAC-West) - Entrepreneur of The Year Award, Recipient

  • 2014 Oil & Gas Award Mid-Continent – Health & Safety Products, Recipient

  • 2013 Governor General’s Visit Medallion, Recipient

  • 2009 Alberta Export Award, Finalist

  • 2005 Emerald Award, Recipient

  • 2005 Cool Companies Award, Recipient

  • 2004 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist

  • 2002 Emerald Award Finalist (For Environmental Excellence)

  • 2002 EnCana Global Champion Recognition

  • 2001 Emerald Award – Small Business, Finalist

  • 2000 Manning Award for Innovation, Recipient


“I can say that the service and support from the planning phase, manufacturing, delivery, and installation was met with professionalism and efficiency by Billy and the complete Katch Kan team. All the support was greatly appreciated”

Melvin Babcock, Rig Manager, Ades Group

“We save at least $60,000 per well just by using the Katch Kan system. Because the equipment is so easy to use, the rig hands like it, and they seem to enjoy using it. The rig and crew stay clean even though we drill and back ream and pull wet strings all the time. We just don’t seem to spend near as much time cleaning up after ourselves as we used to.”

Haynesville Shale Operator

“.... your contribution to worker health and safety in Alberta is truly valued and appreciated.”

Chair for Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Council

“We protect the environment by using spill containment... and our strong relationship with Katch Kan. Katch Kan provides us with a wide range of products that we have been using for 20 years, highly mobile, highly effective, cost-effective, and it’s an integral part of our equipment”

John Pahl, Akita Drilling

“You are making real contributions to Canada and Mexico.”

David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

“The drilling team of Simmons Drilling Albania Rig # 60 would like to thank Katch Kan for making our rig a much safer and cleaner drilling rig. The Albanian National workers are amazed and delighted with our new safety traction ­or, as well as the other Katch Kan products we are using. This has changed the safety of our rig dramatically.”

Rig Manager, Simmons Drilling Albania Branch

“If you can start right from the drilling end in keeping your leases clean, it’s going to save you big dollars and help the environment down the road when you want to abandon a well.”

Consultant for BP Canada

“For us being up here in Alaska, which is entirely environmentally sensitive and zero-stain, the Katch Kan system is vital. If you have one major spill in Alaska and you can capture it with this product, it’s paid for itself.”

Rig Manager for Doyon Drilling Inc.

“Your commitment and activities will help ensure that the rich environment that we are privileged to have in Alberta is maintained.”

Vice President for Climate Change Central

“The system has proven very effective in controlling spills associated with oilfield drilling which subsequently has a positive impact on the environment.”

Operations Manager for Ensign Drilling Inc

“To the Service Rig Rep at Katch Kan,

In the past, like others, I’ve used a conventional ‘mud can’ hooked to a rig pump or vacuum truck to contain fl­uids while tripping a “wet string” and was lucky to catch 70% of the ­fluids. Then we had to wash down the BOPs & wellhead, and clean up the mess around the wellhead, and disposal cost of contaminated soils.

Since we have started using the Katch Kan system we catch 100% of ­fluids, don’t have to wash down the stack, clean up the mess and dispose of contaminated products because there are NONE.

Rig crews that have not seen the system in action before have stated: ‘Next best thing to sliced bread.’

The system is very economical to use when adding up all the positive points of the system,

  • Time saved while tripping the pipe

  • Time saved by not having to clean up spillage around the stack & on the ground

  • Safety of rig workers not soaked in oil

  • No environmental problems to contend with

  • No disposal charges or major clean-ups after the job is completed.

Well done!”

Gary, Production Foreman for Beau Canada Exploration Ltd.

 (now owned by Murphy Oil)

“It’s a known fact today that if you take preventative action, it’s substantially less costly than corrective or remedial action after the fact, in other words, what you have spent to prevent a spill is much cheaper than the clean-up cost down the line we use the business case analysis that is 10 times greater cost to do remedial clean-up fix up work than to do it right at the start. Believe that Katch Kan’s an example of really thinking at the preventative level.”

Gordon Lambert, VP (Vice President) 

Sustainability Development, Suncor Energy Inc.

“The Katch Kan’s are both in daily use & still doing their Job. We are impressed with the durability of the product. The rig people are amazed at how the Katch Kan’s have withstood the abuse that they suffer at times.”

Petro-Canada Drilling Supervisor

“We have been using Katch Kan for years and right now we have the full package, Katch Kan, Curtain, hoses, and the Pig in the Sub, we find it to be a superior product, and the support from the office and in the field has been top-notch, keep up the good work.”

Bob Decksheimer, Rig Manager, Akita Drilling

“Your commitment and activities will help ensure that the rich environment that we are privileged to have in Alberta is maintained.”

Stephan Belanger, Drilling Superintendent, Bonavista

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