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ThoughtWurx Inc.

Ideas that Fit™. Big Business Consulting on a Small Business Budget.

ThoughtWurx Inc.

We are the proud developers of the All Fired Up for Freedom website and have really enjoyed working on this project with Benita. If you like our work and wish to support the further ongoing development of this site and other such projects, we are pleased to offer the following special to all viewers and contacts of this website. 


When contacting us for a project, simply mention the promo code AFUFF and receive an automatic discount of 20% on any project (excluding third-party outsourcing hard costs).

About Us

We are an innovative boutique consulting firm catering to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's), educational facilities, and governmental organizations helping them to optimize their continuing education and new employee training programs. We also assist business and entrepreneurs with anything they require to launch, manage, and market a business or venture. 

We specialize in developing online, on-demand, E-Learning courses that monetize YOUR knowledge bank. We also pioneer innovative ways to help leaders in any industry present their personal brands or businesses to the world at large.

We utilize mobile-friendly, self-manageable, multimedia website designs; business & management consulting services; multimedia content creation; audio/video content development; branding & marketing; social media profile integration; and cross-platform advertising strategies to achieve these milestones.

We are dedicated to providing corporate clients worldwide with leading-edge knowledge and marketing tools they require to automate and propel their businesses in the new 21st century gig economy.

We are particularly passionate about supporting the Freedom community with the development of websites, marketing material, print reproduction, and video recording and editing of content to help freedom fighters get their message out to the public. 

Take a tour of our website today to see what exciting and amazing things we can do for you!

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